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4th OT Cybersecurity Conference by INTEC S.A.: Shaping the Future of Industrial Cybersecurity

[Athens, February 20, 2024] - The premier Industrial Cybersecurity Conference, concluded with resounding success, bringing together industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, and professionals to address the challenges in safeguarding critical infrastructures.

The conference, held on Tuesday, February 13th at Divani Caravel Hotel, featured a lineup of keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities. Attendees gained valuable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for protecting industrial processes against cyber threats.

The Minister of Digital Governance, Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou joined and addressing the audience with a very interesting speech. "We are incorporating European directives into the Greek reality. But also, there is a new law since last Thursday, introducing The National Cybersecurity Authority, to cover around 2.500 entities that come under its supervision in terms of cybersecurity: public sector, critical infrastructure, energy production, industry, food manufacturing, transportation, etc. "

Key highlights of the 4th OT Cybersecurity Conference include:
  • Expert Keynotes: Renowned industry leaders such as Mr. Andrew Ginter from Waterfall Security, and Mr. Konstantin Rogalas from Honeywell Connected Enterprise Cybersecurity among others distinguished speakers, shared their perspectives on the evolving industrial cybersecurity landscape and the importance of collaboration in ensuring the resilience of critical infrastructures.
  • Interactive Sessions: Attendees engaged in interactive workshops, and discussions, gaining practical knowledge regarding NIS2 Directive and government initiatives by Mr. Alexakis, National Cybersecurity Authority of Greece and Mr. Moulinos from ENISA.
  • The panel discussion between the CISOs of some of the largest and most important industrial companies in Greece (Symeon MYSTAKIDIS, Nikolaos PEPPAS, Christos SYNGELAKIS, Eleftherios TZELEPIS); proved to be really insightful.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants had the opportunity to connect with peers, industry experts, and solution providers, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
The 4th OT Cybersecurity Conference attracted almost 100 attendees from various sectors, including cybersecurity professionals, industrial control system engineers, operation and plant Managers, IT Directors. Companies such as PPC, MOH, HelleniQ Energy, Viohalco, Titan, IPTO, DESFA, AIA, Alumil and more, were represented. The conference provided a platform for meaningful discussions and collaborations.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming success of our 4th OT Cybersecurity Conference," said George Tzavelas, Managing Director of INTEC S.A. "The conference provided a unique opportunity for industry stakeholders to come together, share insights, and collaborate on addressing the cybersecurity challenges facing industrial sectors. We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to drive forward the mission of securing critical infrastructures and industrials in the digital age. Thank you very much to all the attendees as well as to our partners Honeywell and Waterfall Security Solutions. We look forward to seeing you all, again, next year.”

Photos of the event

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