Mechanical Equipment :

-Process Compressors (Centrifugal & Reciprocating)

-Steam Turbines

-Fired Heaters & Furnaces

-Caustic Treatment Units

-Pipeline Inspection Equipment

-Wet Scrubbers

-Other Industrial filters

-Natural Gas Metering Stations




Automation and Control:

-Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

-Emergency Shut Down Systems (ESD)

-Field Instruments

-PLC & Scada Systems

-Operator Training Systems


Chemicals and Catalysts:

-Hydrotreating Catalysts

-FCC Catalysts / Reforming Catalysts

-Process Chemicals

-Pipeline and Tank Cleaning Chemicals

-Corrosion Inhibitors Chemicals

-Precious Metal Gauzes




-Advanced Process Control

-Plant Information Systems for Industry

-Leak Detection Software for Pipelines and Water networks

– OPC and Connectivity Software


– Palmer International Partnership LLP


Marine Equipment & Automation

– Wet Scrubbers

– Steam Turbines

– Compressors

– Software

РAutomation & Control

– Diesel spare parts



INTEC SA, utilizing the resources of highly trained and experienced personnel, provides a wide range of services for Industrial Control Systems (DCS, SCADA, ESD systems) as well as Industrial Information Systems (Plant Historians) :

– Installation and commissioning services

– Maintenance and Support Services with long term maintenance contracts (including on site, remote and telephone support)

– Training services (on site customized training courses)

– Mechanical installation supervision spare part purchasing and support