Industrial Automation and Software

HONEYWELL Industrial Automation and Control Solutions

Process Automation, Distributed Control Systems

Advanced Control and Optimization, Planning & Scheduling,

Operator Training Simulators.

HONEYWELL Connected Enterprise – Industrial Cybersecurity

Full range of OT cybersecurity products and services:

Secure Media Exchange (SMX) – protection against USB-borne threats

Honeywell FORGE Cybersecurity Software

Security consulting services

Cybersecurity training

OSIsoft – PI System

Operational Intelligence; Data Infrastructure; Industrial Software (Real Time Data Base (RTDB), Data Reconciliation, Data Monitoring

Matrikon OPC

Data connectivity products based on the OPC standard

Seeq Corporation

Advanced Analytics – Software and services that accelerate industrial process analytics on industrial process data


Data quality / Data validation and reconciliation: improving the consistency, quality and traceability of production data.